a completely self-taught photographer

If you appreciate the beauty in our wonderful world, like me, you know only too well that the most beautiful moments are fleeting.

  • That sunset that you wish could last forever
  • The beautiful rainbow which lasted only moments
  • A quiet beach walk except for the soft crash of waves against the sand

You will never completely forget any of these things, but with the passage of time, they become harder to recall. That one magical moment, where time seemed to stand still, all your senses were magnified, and you just simply gazed in wonderment at the magic unfolding before your eyes. I know you are here for a reason – because you appreciate (as I do) this incredibly beautiful world we live in.
You know that you won’t get those feelings from someone who just takes a nice picture.
Through my passion for photography, I strive to capture for you, what I see through my lens. It’s that moment when the magic in nature is revealed, and frozen in time for you to see, keep, and enjoy for years to come.

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