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What Lies Beneath

The roots of this tree were impressive, spreading out in all directions. The different sizes and shapes, like natures abstract art work. We often see the beauty of trees above but it is not very often we get to see the complex beauty underneath.

Tropical twilight

What speaks more of Hawaii than palm trees silhouetted against the stunning purple and peachy tones of the sky after the sun has set?   Such a beautiful sight to behold , the sky looked so soft , like fluffy candyfloss and I love the sickle moon smiling contentedly  within the palms. What a perfect evening… Read more »

Sun Beams at Sea

A calm sea where boaters spend a leisurely evening. The sunbeams shone so brightly, and burst like golden rays of hope through the clouds in the distance. Whilst taking this shot a strong sense of elation could be felt, I just love sunbeams, they have an angelic like presence, as if there really is another… Read more »

Spring has Sprung

Look up, the sky is full of spring! I felt as though the vibrant green leaves were glistening green coins doing a gentle dance against a the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky. A true knowing that spring has sprung abounds.

Rainforest Walk

Damp warm air lay like a blanket around me as I set up for this shot. I loved the rugged untouched and natural beauty of this path that calls you further into the rainforest. Alone once again, surrounded by tropical lush green with just the occasional sound of some exotic bird close by. Oh how… Read more »

Misty Mountains

The pine like foliage framing the stunning Hawaiian misty mountains in the distance was a sight so beautiful I just knew it would make a “stunning” composition. Simple but yet so striking.

Magical Canopy Trail

A truly spectacular forest canopy that you feel is inviting you into another realm. The bright pinkish hues really make this scene come to life with magical wonder. I asked myself: If I continue on my journey ahead what magical world would I end up in?

The Guardians of the Sea

Whilst on a leisurely evening stroll along the La Jolla coast, San Diego, I just had to capture the group of sea birds that were perched high up on a lone tree that overlooked the sea . They looked like little guardians keeping a watchful eye on the vast and beautiful expanse that lay before… Read more »

Ancient Tree

A natural ancient, stoical tree that looked like it had stood the test of time. It had an eerie presence, but had a kind of beauty in its own right. Beauty can still be found even in the oldest of things. It was around midday, which is an unusual time for me to take a… Read more »

Red Bloom Garden

Capturing nature at its most vivid, spring time . Nature comes to life and the world is filled with colour – this is what I was attempting to show in this photo. The vivid bright reds in bloom and how they explode with such vibrancy and bold beauty.