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Mystic Falls

For me this waterfall had a mystical and ethereal essence to it. After viewing my first shot through my viewfinder I zoomed in to surprisingly see a merlin type face looking out of the falls. I tried to recapture this in subsequent shots but failed to capture the same facial features. I felt truly present… Read more »

Solitude Rock

It was a grey , very overcast early morning in Sardinia. I was alone on the beach as I set up for this shot. I loved how this lone rock mirrored the way I felt. Alone in the eerie vastness that surrounded me. The solitude I felt this morning was not an uncomfortable feeling ,… Read more »

British Summer

What a perfect summers day. The birds could be heard singing their playful tunes and the suns warmth could be felt all around. I simply couldn’t ignore such vibrant beauty. I felt as though the flowers were calling for my attention. For me this moment captures a sense of happiness and is a true celebration… Read more »

Autumn forest

A cold stillness in the air, no movement from the trees around me , not a sound could be heard apart from the crisp, crunching sound beneath my feet as I set up my camera. I love that sensation of being pulled into a scene and I feel that this photo does just that. It’s… Read more »

Hawaiian Waterfall

The beauty of the Hawaiian rain forest can’t be denied in this photo. The vibrant greens and the ethereal sight and sound of the gentle waterfall calms the soul. I felt as though I was in my very own forest. This moment felt meditative and personal.

Onwards and Upwards

These trees hit you with a powerful emotional punch. I feel if they could speak, they would be telling you to reach onwards and upwards. Their strong structure resembles reversed lightning bolts reaching up from the ground.

Fairy Forest

Probably one of my favourite photos . A true sense of “magic” was felt as I clicked down the shutter to take this shot. The forest was silent apart from the occasional water droplets that were falling from the trees because of that mornings rain. I was mentally transported to another world , one that… Read more »

Edge of the World

A real sense of peaceful solitude was felt whilst taking this shot as the sun was setting on the West coast of Florida. Just myself and a lone individual in the far distance taking in an incredible sunset. A sense of quiet appreciation can be felt coupled with a sense of vastness – A realisation… Read more »

Autumn Steps

The beauty that Autumn afternoon had to offer couldn’t be ignored. Such rich colours coming from every direction enveloped me, a truly magical moment. The steps created another level of surrealism for me , like they were calling me up into another world. I hope I did this season justice and captured its unrivalled beauty… Read more »

Paradise Lost

As I set up my equipment on this beautiful beach in Hawaii, I was overwhelmed by the surroundings. I was alone on this stretch of beach, not another soul in sight. I questioned myself as to whether I was dreaming. The soft purples in the sky, with the sound of gentle waves on the shore… Read more »