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Pink October

On my morning walk in early Autumn, I lifted my head and was suddenly captured by the delicate pinks, set against a colourless, cool sky. This simply couldn’t be ignored. I love taking photos with the sky as a back drop because it compels me to just look upwards.

Forest Invitation

I felt I was being really drawn into this scene, an invitation, a welcoming into the magic that nature has to offer. The warming russet colours intending to lull you into a sense of comfort, a place your mind can go to detach from reality.

Submarine Rock

I set out in the early hours to take this shot along the South Wales coastline….there was an unusual silence to this morning , the sky was like a grey blanket holding an eerie stillness in the air, not another soul in sight, the overcast sky and whispering waves creeping gently over the rugged rocks… Read more »